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Memory Marcopolo

A well-kept history

Marcopolo Memory Space - Valter Gomes Pinto preserves the company's history and emphasizes its importance for the development of city and
passenger transport. It has over 140 thousand items including photographs, magazines, newspapers, voice and video recordings, certificates, reports, newsletters, trophies and other objects that make up Marcopolo's documentary and informative heritage.

Preserving the past to plan for the future

In addition to recovering and preservation the company's documentary and informative heritage, the space has a complete database and aims to provide information related to the evolution of the business, provide subsidies for present and future actions and act as a means of connection between the company and internal and external audiences.

Valter Gomes Pinto

Valter Gomes Pinto was born on January 27, 1932. He joined Marcopolo in 1964, when it was still called Nicola. Over the course of 49 years he dedicated himself to the commercial and marketing areas, actively collaborating for the expansion of the business and creation of the corporate identity of the company.
He was one of the great promoters of the creation of Marcopolo Memory Space and believed that preserving Marcopolo's past was a way to honor everyone who was part of the company's history. He died in 2013, at the age of 81, leaving behind a legacy of innovations, ideas and examples for everyone in the company he helped build alongside Paulo Bellini, being remembered by everyone who knew him as a great leader and more than that: a gentleman, kind and gentle and always willing to help others. A man ahead of his time.

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