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What is it?

Next is the innovation division with the mission of making Marcopolo more efficient, competitive and connected through optimizing processes, connection with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, institutes, university hubs and training people.

Innovation always present

Marcopolo has always been innovative throughout its history. We were one of the first companies to adopt the Lean system, becoming a reference in its application today. Here intrapreneurship, innovation, the search for continuous improvement and investment in new products, strategies and business are part of the company's culture.

Innovation ecosystem

Marcopolo is present in an innovation ecosystem, contributing its years of knowledge in the mobility area. Among the main partner companies working together in the development of solutions for collective passenger transport, sharing expertise and technologies, we can mention TecnoUCS, TecnoPUC, Instituto Hélice, BR Angels, Coletivo, Agência Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial, Drive and Maniv.