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Mobility and preservation of the environment

Sustainable mobility

Marcopolo is driving sustainable mobility, seeking to decarbonize transportation through the implementation of electric and hybrid buses. In
addition to having a very clean energy source, with renewable fuels in their life cycle, adopting these models offers a number of benefits to society: they emit less pollutants and less noise and have a lower cost of use and operation. And driving sustainable mobility does not mean setting aside traditional fuels. Marcopolo encourages research related to biodiesel, green diesel and natural gas, renewable energy sources that can replace fossil fuels.

Greener factory

Marcopolo constantly invests to make its factories increasingly sustainable through highly vertical processes, reuse of materials, actions focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, leaner factory, use of alternative electricity sources and other initiatives designed to preserve the future of the planet.

Marcopolo G8

The G8 project has the greatest focus on sustainability out of all the projects carried out by Marcopolo to date, resulting in the reduced use of fiberglass, use of state-of-the-art welding with a 50% impact on energy consumption, use of biodegradable thermal layers, investment in new manufacturing processes, impacting on reducing time, efficiency and better ergonomics for collaborators, among other factors designed to
preserve the environment.

A energia da inovação sustentável

Imagine um sistema de transporte que não depende de combustíveis fósseis para operar. Além de reduzir a emissão de poluentes, ele torna possível a economia de custos operacionais e agrega conforto à experiência do usuário. Para além dos benefícios ambientais, econômicos e sociais, o crescimento do nicho e o aprimoramento constante das tecnologias prospectam um futuro mais seguro no transporte. E é graças ao progresso que criamos veículos de mobilidade elétrica cada vez mais estáveis, aconchegantes e seguros.

Sustainability Report Marcopolo 2022