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Quality Management System - ISO 9001

Occupational Health and Safety System Certification - ISO 45001

Environmental Management System Certification - ISO 14001

Integrated Business Management

The essence of GIN is to ensure the health and safety of employees, producing with quality and protecting the environment.
Marcopolo has achieved the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management System, Certification since 1996;  
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental System, Certification since 2005;   
  • OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Certification since 2002.



Marcopolo SA, San Marino, both located in Caxias do Sul – RS and Volare Veículos LTDA in São Mateus – ES, produce and sell bus and micro bus bodies to all national and international markets.

NOTE: Since the Headquarters unit is Marcopolo SA (completely complies with all the requirements of standards 9001/14001/45001) and the other units that are part of this manual are just an extension of the production processes.

The Integrated Business Management (IBM) processes are: Human Resources/People, Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Integrated Planning, Engineering, Acquisition, Logistics, Production, Quality, Administration and Finance, Manage IBM and Lean Philosophy.

Scope of the certificates:

Design, manufacture and assembly of buses, minibuses and trains.


Useful licensed area

  • Ana Rech – 326,980.41 m²
  • San Marino – 174,122.5 m²
  • Marcopolo São Mateus - 6.5 Hectares (built area) and 3.48 Hectare (storage area)

Licensed volume

  • UPR – 3,800 m³/month
  • Picker Landfill – 500 m³/month

Business Management Policy

Marcopolo S.A., manufacturer of bus and mini-bus bodies recognizes Health and Safety, Quality and the Environment as an integral part of its Business Management, establishing mechanisms for these systems to be implemented, maintained and continuously improved, aimed at economic-financial management.


The company commits to:

  • Act in order to provide mobility solutions in a sustainable manner; 
  • Protect and encourage the participation of employees in eliminating and reducing risks;
  • Ensure the increasing satisfaction of its customers through the search for continuous improvement and excellence in quality of products and services;
  • Guarantee the enforcement of laws, standards and other regulations to effectively achieve planned strategies and objectives;
  • Protect the environment, minimizing the impacts of operations;
  • Be an ethical company, committed to following the legal precepts, especially the anti-corruption law, in order to combat money laundering and to protect free competition in the markets in which it operates;
  • Seek a competitive advantage in supply chain management through working together and strengthening partnerships.